Matt holt| tattoo artist, owner

Matt Specializes in illustrative style tattoos combining imaginative outlines with realistic color and textures. He especially loves organic subject matter.

Follow him on Instagram @matt_from_sacredheartstudios

Jim Hores| Tattoo artist

Jim specializes in grey scale and color realism.

Follow him on instagram @jhoresart

james dahnert| tattoo artist

James' designs are creative, unique and clean.

Follow him on Instagram @jkdwarts


Mike Erickson| tattoo artist

Mike brings unique compositions and designs that flow perfectly.

Follow him on Instagram mv_erickson

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Adam holt| piercer

Adam is our resident piercer.  Check out his services and pricing.  Call the studio to check availability and schedule an appointment.  

Follow him on Instagram @adam_from_sacred_heart

guest artist

We love having guest over at the studio.  Check back to see who will be at Sacred Heart Studios next.