Gift Certificates

What’s on everyone’s wish list this holiday season

If you have tattoos you know how people are always saying “tattoos are forever” at you before you get one. But they don’t say it in the same way they would say, “Diamonds are forever.” No, in the case of tattoos it’s more precautionary. As in, remember, that doesn’t wash off.”

But at Sacred Heart Tattoo Studio we say that this Christmas there is no better gift to someone you care about than the gift of permanence. By getting your friend or loved one a tattoo from Sacred Heart, you are getting them:

  • A piece of art rendered by an experience, professional artist

  • An original piece that no one else has.

  • A piece by a local artist.

  • A piece that they carry with them at all times.

So depending on your relationship with that person, this means they’ll always think of you when they see it. Not only that, but if you know someone who has tattoos, you’ll know that permanent skin ink is a way to their heart. And isn’t that what Christmas gift giving is all about, showing the recipient how well you know them?

Because our artists all have a unique style, when you give your gift, tell the recipient to take some time to check out our artists’ portfolios. That way they can find the artist whose style matches the aesthetic they are looking for.

If you know your friend or loved one well enough, you may be able to suggest one of our artists that you think is a good match for their style. Showing someone you know them on that level can be as valuable a gift to them as it was that you got them a tattoo in the first place.

At Sacred Heart Tattoo Studio you can get a gift card in any amount you want, but there are a few things to remember when buying them as a gift:

  • Our studio minimum is $100. We require a $50 deposit to reserve your appointment time. That amount, however, goes toward the final price of your tattoo. Tattoos are priced by the piece, not hourly.

  • Though we always do our best to meet our clients’ needs, depending on how full our calendar is at the time you call to schedule, it is not uncommon for appointments to be made few weeks out. Please be patient with us. You’ll be glad you were.

  • Some ideas may be rejected if the artist feels that the tattoo is not mutually beneficial. Don’t take it personally. If we know it is not something that can be rendered effectively the way you want it, if we sense you won’t be happy with the result, we’ll tell you. Our priority is to produce the highest quality artwork that will be meaningful to you.

Because all our artists specialize in unique and original creations, it can get very complex. So we’d like to first schedule a free, thirty-minute consultation with an artist on a date prior to starting the work. This is time for our client to:

  • Bring in images the artist can reference in creating the desired design

  • Provide the artist examples of other tattoos or graphic art the client likes

  • Give input to give the artist a clear picture of what you want

  • Get a consultation on potential issues that could arise with the tattoo, and ways we could adjust the idea to avoid them. Get a quote on the piece so the client knows what they are in for, cost wise

Merry Christmas from Sacred Heart Tattoo Studio!