Pricing and Scheduling an Appointment

The following services and pricing are a general guide to what to expect. However, prices vary according to multiple factors and final prices may vary. We will not give quotes over the phone or online, but below is a set of frequently asked questions that could be helpful.


  • Shop Minimum is $100

    • Tattoos are priced individually by artist, not hourly.

Scheduling an Appointment

Sacred Heart Studios is a custom design tattoo studio specializing in unique and original creations. All of our artists are experienced professionals with their own individual art style.

While wait times vary, it is not uncommon for appointments to be a few weeks out. We always try our hardest to serve our customers in a timely manner.  Unfortunately we do receive more requests than we can possible fulfill and some ideas may be rejected if artist feels that the tattoo is not mutually beneficial. Our priority is to produce the highest quality artwork. We are always honored when someone chooses us to perform a meaningful body modification.  If your request is rejected please don't take it personally. We base our decisions on what we consider to be the best fit.

Please take a few mins to look through our portfolios and find the artists whose style best suits your taste.

We look forward to working with client’s that improve our portfolio and their image.

For complex or unique designs we'd like to first schedule a free 30 min. consultation before scheduling an appointment.  During this time we would request you would share reference art, examples of tattoos you like and all your ideas so we design your unique piece and give you a quote.

Scheduling an appointment requires a $50 non-refundable deposit for design and processing.  Your deposit will go towards the final price of your tattoo.

To schedule a consultation or appointment stop in or call the studio during normal business hours. (507) 271-4954   


HOURS FOR tattoos

Monday-Thursday 12:00p-8:30p

Friday-Saturday 12:00p-10:00p

Studio is closed on Sunday and most holidays.  Hours may vary depending on weather. Please call the studio before coming in.

We look forward to working with you.